Nightclub Flooring

Nightclub Flooring By Surebond Surfaces. This area of floor in the PAM PAM BAR next to habitat in Bristol was treated with our decorative black & silver flec flooring which is extremely durable, slip resistant and easy clean. If you are thinking of a”Resin Floor” for your nightclub look at our Stone Carpet Range as this will look like carpet but will last 10 times as long but is far easier to clean and maintain and wont start to smell and look dirty & worn as per conventional carpet if used where beer & liquor spillages are happening.

we install nightclub flooring in London, Hampshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wales, Gloucestershire, Birmingham and Worcestershire, plus many other areas of the U.K.

*Colours available:-

*black and glitter

*red and glitter

*silver and glitter

*white and glitter

also quartz stone carpets (see our stone carpet page)

Please look at our Stone Carpet Range of surfaces as the best flooring for nightclubs and bars
go to the home page click flooring and see stone carpet section

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