Resin Bonded Stone / Gravel Surfacing

Resin Bonded Stone application to court yardResin Bonded Stone & Gravel is the perfect solution for drives, roads, paths & walkways. Resin Bonded Stone or Resin Bonded Gravel provides an extremely durable resin bonded stone surface where the appearance of a stone surface is required but the stone is bonded to a tarmac or concrete substrate so there is no spreading or likelyhood of weeds growing through the surface.

Resin Bonded Stone is often refered too as a scatter system or fully broadcast or blinded resin stone surface.

Why have loose gravel when you can have BONDED! no loose stones, no spreading like a loose gravel drives and best of all no weeding!.

The system is laid by the squeegee application of a fast curing Polyurethane Resin and the chosen stone is broadcast into the resin surface and left to cure before removal of the excess stone leaving an attractive looking landscaped Resin Bonded Stone Finish.

Why have loose stone or gravel when you can "surebond it". Resin bonded stone will look like loose stone but will be bonded and so eliminates all the problems of loose spreading stone surfaces & weed problems!

Resin Bonded Stone application to driveaysResin Bonded Stone & Gravel Surfacing is used in parks, driveways, paving projects, pathways, car parks, roads, balconys and walkways.

Resin Bonded Stone & Gravel Drives are becoming more popular because an unsightly tarmac or concrete drive can be overlaid in one day giving a total tranformation to the approach way of a house, giving it that natural lanscaped finish without the upheaval and expence of uplifting the existing surface. If you would like a free of charge quotation for your drive simply e mail the size or sketch and dimensions and we will provide you a quote by return free of charge.

Inclined Drives can be very slippery in wet weather winter conditions in particulary when the surface freezes, Surebond Surfaces has a drive surface that will be safety non-slip and so avoid accidents from slippage or skidding down the drive surface.

Surebond Drives can be effectively laid over tired looking concrete or tarmac drives for as little as £26.00 per m2 and transform your house approach in 1day without costly excavation and upheavel!!!


The finer the stone particals chosen the lower the price will be to treat your drive or path surface since this governs the amount of on Polyurethane Binder Adhesive we will use to secure the stone which has the biggest effect on overall cost.

Technical images showing layers for Resin Bonded Stone applicationBenefits Include:-

  • Economical Resurfacing Of Tarmac/Asphalt Or Concrete Substrates
  • Fast Installation
  • Appearance Of Natural Stone Without The Disadvantages Of Loose Gravel
  • Weed Free & Non Spreading Surface
  • Anti Slip Surface (ideal for incline drives)
  • Range Of finishes
  • 7 Year Guarantee

Surebond Resin Bonded Paving is the most economical way to produce a bonded stone surface on tarmac, concrete or wood surfaces.

Aggregates and gravels bonded to a surface with Surebond resins offer economical permanent adhesion to any surface.

Resin Bonded Stone application to public areasSurebond Surfaces also has a road resin range of products for providing coloured and non slip surfaces for cycle routes and car park pathways and spaces for de markation and safety. We can install any colour aggregate to your tarmac/asphalt surface for zoning the areas treated.

Surebond Road Resin can also be used to bind high friction & grip chinese bauxite anti-skid aggregates as well as decorative gravel.

Surebond Deck Grip can also bond Sight Grip colour pigmented bauxites to roads and paths and ferry & ships decking to produce outstanding levels of decorative safety surfacing.

Surebond Surfaces Uk Ltd travel throughout the united kingdom installing resin bonded stone and gravel surfaces and include london, birmingham, bristol, bournmouth, poole, dorset, devon, cornwall, somerset, wales, gloucester, cheltenham, hampshire, swindon, reading, scotland, southampton, portsmouth, plymouth, brighton, essex and many other areas


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